You may choose a round-trip or one-way journey by clicking on the respective radio button. If you choose one-way, you won't see the Return field.


Please select a departure/arrival airport from the list.


Please enter a departure date for the outbound/return flight. You may also click on the icon and select a date from the calendar.There is also an opportunity to specify the preferred departure time.


Please enter passenger information – specify numbers of adults, children with seats and children without seats.

An adult is a person who is 12-year-old or more.

A child with a seat is a person younger than 12 years who requires a separate seat.

A child without a seat is a person younger than 2 years who doesn't require a separate seat.

It is the passenger's age on the outbound departure date that matters! That is, a passenger who will be 12-year-old on the outbound departure date is considered an adult, no matter how old he/she is now.

An order must contain at least one adult. The total number of adults and children with seats must not exceed 9.

The number of children without seats must not exceed the number of adults. If you want to buy tickets for one adult and two children without seats, perform the search for one adult, one child with a seat and one child without a seat.


Flights for

Please specify whether the system should perform the search only for the specified dates (Departure, Return) or within the +/- 3 days range. The second option will allow you, later, to select a departure and/or an arrival date different from those specified and thus to get a better price.

Service class

Please select the preferred service class (any, economy, business, first).


Please specify your requirements for fares.

Any — the system will offer all fares, including the low-cost ones that have restrictions.

Refundable with penalty — the system will offer only fares that allow refunding the ticket, but a penalty may be charged for such refund.

Refundable without penalty — the system will offer only fares that allow refunding the ticket without penalties.

Only direct flights

Please check this box if you want to travel without connections.

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